Environix – Redefining Infrastructure Management.

Whether you're a startup or an enterprise, Environix is the all-in-one solution you've been waiting for. Dive in and experience infrastructure management like never before!


Key Features Of Environix

Discover the innovative features of Environix that aim to make our environment better.

Seamless Integration of Leading Tools

Why switch between multiple platforms when Environix brings them all under one roof? Integrate with Terraform, Ansible, and Jenkins effortlessly, streamlining your infrastructure management process.

Automated Provisioning

Say goodbye to manual setups. With Environix, provisioning virtual machines and containers is as simple as a click. Let automation do the heavy lifting for you.

Configuration Management Like Never Before

Upload custom configurations and watch as Ansible transforms them into reality. Customize, automate, and deploy – all without writing a single line of code.

Community and Support

Join a growing community of Environix users. Share, learn, and grow together. Plus, with our dedicated support team, help is always just a click away.

About Us

Revolutionizing IT Infrastructure Management.

Ns-Raid-Innovations was founded in 2023 with a clear vision: to fill the gap in the IT landscape. We aimed to simplify server automation, deployment, and configuration, making it accessible and efficient for all.

Our mission is to empower developers to create freely, while ensuring administrators maintain control and security. Rooted in values of inclusivity, innovation, and affordability, we're committed to providing solutions tailored to your needs.

As we look ahead, our commitment remains strong. We promise continuous innovation, ensuring our customers always have the best in support, security, and functionality.

Environix Pricing

Choose Your Journey with Environix

Discover the perfect plan tailored to your needs. Whether you're just starting out, scaling your operations, or leading a large enterprise, Environix offers a solution designed for you. Dive in and experience infrastructure management like never before.

Switch to yearly plan

Starter Pack (Free)

0.00/mo €

Perfect for individuals or small teams looking to explore the capabilities of Environix.

Access to core functionalities

Provision up to 5 VMs/containers

Basic ticket creation

Community support

Limited automation workflows

POPULAR Pro Business

49.99/mo €

Designed for small to medium-sized businesses that need more power and flexibility.

All features of the Starter Pack

Provision up to 50 VMs/containers

Advanced ticketing system with priority support

Enhanced automation workflows

Access to new features and updates

Premium support with 24-hour response time

Enterprise Elite

199.99/mo €

For large enterprises looking for a comprehensive solution with premium support.

Unlimited VM/container provisioning

Customizable automation workflows

Priority access to new features and updates

24/7 premium support with 4-hour response time

On-premise installation assistance

Security audit and compliance checks


Any Questions? We've Got Answers

Here are some common questions about Environix and their answers.

Our Team

Meet Our Team

At Ns-Raid-Innovations, we're driven by a passion for innovation and a commitment to delivering excellence. Our team brings together a unique blend of expertise, ensuring that every aspect of our platform, from its technical foundation to its market presence, is top-notch.


Didi Mohammed Reda

Co-Founder & Networking System Engineer


Addad Sofiane

Co-Founder & Marketing & Publicity Lead


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